Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Schoodic Peninsula and the Hancock Community Garden

Today we explored the Schoodic Peninsula, beginning with the Farmer's Market in Winter Harbor.  Then we drove the loop to Schoodic Point, which included a stop at Raven's Nest, a spot we've never seen on the many trips we've made to this area.

In this photo (above) you can see Cadillac Mountain in the background across the bay.

I happened to catch Doug with his camera...

and my friend, Mary Lou...

At Schoodic Point, there were some lobstermen at work...

And, not caught on camera, a sea gull grabbed an entire sandwich (still in its plastic bag) right out of Mary Lou's hands and flew away with it.

Here are some photos of the working harbor in the small village of Corea...

You can tell we were there at low tide.

And, finally, we stopped by the Hancock Community garden where Mary Lou and Gina have plots.  I couldn't resist the artichokes and eggplants.

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