Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Onward to the Tetons

Tonight marks two weeks that we've been on the road, and here's a photo of our progress on the map. At this point, it would be difficult for me to choose my favorite place, and I imagine it will only get harder as we go forward.

I was amazed at the variety of landscapes in the state of Wyoming.  We traveled down Ten Sleep Canyon again, and I noticed things I missed the first time.  Or maybe I was looking out a different side of the car.

And then we entered a very desolate part of central Wyoming.  The only signs of humanity were some small oil wells (not pictured).

Next came Thermopolis with its Hot Springs and the start of the Wind River Canyon.  The most interesting spot was the "Wedding of the Waters."  This is the place where the Wind River becomes the Bighorn River.  In the next two photos, I was standing in the same spot, but looking in different directions.

On the left is the Wind River and the canyon we were about to drive through.

And on the right is the Bighorn River.  Can you believe these were taken at the same spot?  What a contrast in landscape!

Here's another photo farther into the beautiful Wind River Canyon.

We drove on through the Wind River Reservation with even more varied landscapes, including fertile farmlands.

This scene was closer to the Tetons.

In Dubois, we drove through a thunderstorm, and the temperature dropped from 83 degrees to 55 in a mere 15 minutes!  Then, within a half hour after the storm, the temperature was back up to 79.

And, finally, here's our first glimpse of the magnificent Teton Range!  We are treating ourselves to three nights of luxury at an Inn in Jackson, instead of camping.


  1. Wonderful photos. I'm looking forward to seeing the Inn now! It was 57 degrees here when I got up this morning so quite chilly.

  2. Wow! Quite cool back home! It gets down in the 40s here at night, but up in the 80s during the days. The Inn isn't as quaint as I had hoped for--more like a hotel, but it's very nice.

  3. Wonderful ride today, Edie! Thanks for the grand pics. It's mind boggling, isn't it? Happy trails...

    1. Thanks for following my travel blog, Kathleen! Yes, the scenery is mind boggling!


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